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Team Resources

I-CORPS Time Requirements
The program lasts three weeks and has one half day lecture with three additional 2-hour check in meetings. Teams will allocate independent time for customer discovery interviews and will watch self-paced videos prior to the first week of I-Corps (3 hours for the first six modules). The $3,000 pays for travel costs for team members to speak with customers during customer interviews; the is awarded after a short application that only includes the participants and a summary of the project is submitted via the apply link.
Opening Session Powerpoint Presentation Template
Weeks 2-4 Powerpoint Presentation Template

Talking to Humans

Getting the Interview
Calling Roadmap Template
Top 10 Hacks for Really Reaching People
Opening Day (Approximately Half day)

  1. Why are we here
  2. Team Presentations 
  3. Business Thesis
  4. Why Startups are Different
  5. How to Interview
  6. Talking to Humans - 10 tips
  7. Customer Discovery Best Practices
  8. Due for Session 2

Session 2 (Approximately 2 hours)

  1. Channels
  2. Team Presentations 
  3. Due for Session 3

Session 3  (Approximately 2 hours)

  1. Customer Relationships
  2. Team Presentations 
  3. Revenue Streams
  4. Due for Closing Session

Session 4  (Approximately 2 hours)

  1. Team Presentations 

Travel Logistics
I-Corps Travel Request Form - Please work with your Department Assistant for travel arrangements. Have them reach out to Jacob Mahaffey for the account number. 


Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST)

Venture Well's Lean Launchpad -  (PDF Text Book - Free)