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OSU I-Corps Teams

We currently have eleven teams that are actively participating, planning to participate, or have participated in the NSF I-Corps program.  What that means is that these teams have dedicated the time and effort necessary to try and take their innovation from concept to commercialization.  

Team Name Entrepreneurial Lead Principal Investigator(s) Industry Mentor
Mito Materials
Haley Kurtz
Kevin Keith
Ranji Vaidyanathan Steve Griggs
Roll-2-Roll Aravind Seshadri Carlo Branco Pedro Velasco
Plasma Bionics Chris Timmons Kedar Pai  
Zorba Hernandez Estrada
Alejandro Penaloza Vazquez
Patricia Rayas-Duarte
Li Maria Ma
Singluating Hand Planter Joshua Ringer Bill Raun  
Cowboy Analytics Aasim Ul Khair K.M. George Ray Shaik
Multi-Chamber Single-Use Bioreactor  Momen Amer Josh Ramsey  
Stabilis Taylor Mitchell
Dane Johnson
Jamey Jacob
Silver Cyanoximates Erin Gallaway Marianna Patrauchan  
Impact Wearables Minh Pham
Mary Ruppert-Stoescu
Chulho Yang
Young Chang
FTIR Proteins David Neto
Aihua Xie
Wouter Hoff
If you have questions about what it takes to have a team, or what value the I-Corps program can bring to you and your technology start-up concepts, feel free to contact a team member that has gone through the program or contact Richard Gajan.