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OSU I-Corps Site

The I-Corps Site at Oklahoma State University (OSU) helps catalyze I-Corps teams locally from Oklahoma’s academic institutions, whose technology concepts are likely candidates for commercialization.  The OSU I-Corps Site provides advice, resources, network opportunities, and training, in addition to up to $3,000 per team in NSF funding to help commercialization efforts and application to an I-Corps Node National Cohort.  The OSU I-Corps Site team's NSF funding can be used for approved expenses such as Lean Launchpad training, customer travel, entrepreneurial training, or prototyping materials and qualifies a team as having received NSF funding which is required to apply to an I-Corps Node National Cohort.

I-Corps Site Program Expected Outcomes:

  • Up to $3,000 NSF funding available for customer travel, entrepreneurial training, and/or prototyping materials
  • Establish an initial business model and product-market fit
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills including how to best engage customers
  • Formulate an I-Corps team with required members
  • Prepare for I-Corps Node National Cohort application
  • Gain eligibility to apply for a I-Corps Node National Cohort and its $50,000 grant award if no prior NSF lineage

What are the roles on an I-Corps Team?

  • Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) - The entrepreneurial lead (EL), typically a postdoctoral researcher, graduate student, or other student, possesses relevant technical knowledge and a deep commitment to investigate the commercial landscape surrounding the innovation. The entrepreneurial lead should also be prepared to support the transition of the technology, should the I-Corps project demonstrate a level of readiness appropriate to leave the academic institution.
  • Prinicipal Investigator (PI) - The principal investigator (PI) serves as the technical lead and project manager and must be eligible to be a PI on a NSF proposal.
  • Technical Lead (TL) - Technical Lead is a specific role on the I-Corps Team and Principal Investigator (PI) is a specific role on the NSF proposal and award. Typically these roles will be filled by the same person. The roles are distinct to add flexibility for the Team. For instance, there may be a situation where a Post Doc is serving as a Technical Lead on the team but may not be eligible to be a PI on a NSF proposal. In this case the team can have someone else at the academic institution serve as the proposal and award PI.
  • Industry Mentor (IM) - The mentor brings entrepreneurial experience and serves as the principal guide in determining the technology disposition. (This role is not required at the Site level, but is required at the Node/National level.)

All  members of the team participate fully in the  I-Corps Curriculum.  

Team members describe their I-Corps experiences in these videos.