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Five OSU I-Corps Teams Return From Texas Following SW Regional I-Corps Training

Thursday, October 20 2016


A strong showing from OSU sending 5 teams to Regional I-Corps training to prepare them to take their inventions/research from the lab to the marketplace.

Most inventors/researchers love to get in the labs and create.  But are they creating for the sake of the creation or with the hopes to take their invention into the marketplace?  For these 5 teams and their 17 team members, the dream of a successful startup drives them.  The teams went to Texas in November to start the journey.


Using Lean Launchpad methodologies, the team members must interview potential customers to determine the customer needs and opportunities for commercialization.  The key is not to sell to the potential customers but to listen for their pain points and find a way to alleviate the pain.  These interviews will potentially move them in an entirely new direction, help them tweak their existing invention, and ultimately help define and solidify their business model canvas.

After successful completion of the course, each team will become eligible for a National NSF I-Corps grant of $50,000.

Beginning in January 2017, OSU will conduct this training on campus three times per year.  To find out more about the program and how it works click here.

business model canvas

In February 2016, OSU was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to be the I-Corps Site for the State of Oklahoma.  The I-Corps Site at Oklahoma State University (OSU) helps catalyze I-Corp teams locally from Oklahoma’s academic institutions, whose technology concepts are likely candidates for commercialization. The grant was awarded to OSU, the Spears School of Business, the School of Entrepreneurship, and the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship, working with the OSU Research Foundation, Technology Development Center, and Cowboy Technologies, LLC.